Intelligent Brake and Reverse System

Intelligent Brake and Reverse System (IBR) was introduced by BRP Inc. 10 years ago to increase safety and maneuvering of the boat. With the help of IBR System, the boat can be now put in on a Forward, Neutral and Reverse shifts.

Turning on a reverse shift while driving on a high speed causes the boat to brake immediately, requiring only HALF of the distance as a boat without IBR would need. Also, the presence of a system on the boat will help the driver while docking, making this process really easy and comfortable, not without a small practice of course!

Variable Trim System

Variable Trim System (VTS) allows you to choose the angle of the nozzle of the jet pump so the water stream from the pump can be lowered or raised, making a difference in control and comfort of a boat.

Lowering the VTS will give you more maneuverability and control of the tender, allowing the driver to have more responsive steering.
Raising the VTS upward will provide a much smoother and more comfortable ride on wavy water.