about agilis


A young and dynamic company, Agilis was started as a family business. Having worked in boat production for over 10 years, its founder Maxym Starchenko decided to create his own watercraft selling and repair company in 2008. One day, while spending time on a yacht and using a jet tender, Maxym found that not a single one met all his requirements and needs. He then decided to create a perfect jet tender. In 2015, after having searched for and selected the best specialists, the company started development projects, and in January 2018, at a trade fair in Düsseldorf, the first 355C model was presented, which became an instant success.

The next 305C model was presented at a trade fair in Cannes.
The presentation of the 330C model was also at a trade fair in Düsseldorf, 2019. inspired by market demand we continued to design new tenders for yacht models and advance existing ones.
Currently, 8 models have been put into production, and 1 more are still under development.
Key dates:
2015 – development started
2017 – the first prototype model came out
2018 – model 355 presented
2018 – model 305C presented
2019 – model 330C presented
2020 – model 280 presented
2021 – models 560D and 360D presented
2022 – models 400C and 460D developed and evaluable for pre-order
To be continued…


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