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Starchenko Maxym, OWNER
I had a passion for boats since my childhood. I liked the power, ease and grace of their ploughing waves or still waters. Maybe that’s why I got a job in a boat manufacturing company right after graduation and worked for 10 years there, studying all the latest technologies in boat manufacturing and designing.
Agilis Jettenders GmbH team
All my family was supportive of my passion for boats. While spending time on board and using a jet tender, I began to notice that not a single one can meet all our needs. It was then that I got the idea to create my own jet tender. We made a draft of our perfect tender and decided to start producing it. All our family members work for our company.
Agilis 330 jet powered tender
Taking into consideration our demands together with requirements of owners of various tenders, we try to meet diverse interests and needs of our customers and comply with world-class quality standards, using only materials from leading global vendors and cutting-edge technologies.


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