Piping hot news comes today! Our team wants to present you the long-awaited model – Agilis 360D. As always, comfort, safety and performance are the main characteristics of this tender. But let`s take a closer look.

Diesel engine

The best part of the Agilis 360D is the 110 hp diesel engine. It provides you more freedom and versatility. Refilling the tender on board of your yacht enables you to use the Agilis 360D for extended periods of time without the necessity to carry additional petrol. Hence, you receive all of the comfort of a diesel engine, while retaining a compact form factor that even fits on less spacious yachts.

Large capacity with small shape

Next advantage of Agilis 360D is a large capacity with small shape. With a length of 3.60m, it is capable of carrying 6 passengers without breaking a sweat. It is the newest addition to the Agilis family and much like any other Agilis product, it does not sacrifice any performance for its elegance.

Watersport without any obstacles

Due to a professional heavy duty jet pump you can enjoy your trip even at high speeds. And here is a nice bonus! You can also do watersport without any obstacles due to the ski pole which increases the towing point of the rope.

Enjoy comfort, versatility and elegant power with new Agilis 360D!