The hot summer days have already ended, but we have a hot news for you. Our range has been replenished with whole two new jet tenders, so we will tell you all about them now.
We present for your attention Agilis 400C and 400D. They may seem similar on the outside, but they are completely different inside. Each of them has a length of 4,00 m, which puts them in second place by size among the models in our range. A feature common to both is an impeccable luxurious design that provides comfort and safety to each of the 7 passengers on board. Only the highest quality materials from time-tested manufacturers are used for their creation and client can customize each detail, like in any other Agilis tender. Let’s talk about the differences.

Agilis 400C is a spectacular jet tender with an innovative 90-hp engine. The boat quickly accelerates to 35 knots and easily and smoothly enters turns. It is a perfect decision for water sports, as its jet-powered engine provides better performance thanks to the best power-to-weight ratio. To make Agilis 400C even more safety and long-term working the engine was equipped with the closed-loop cooling system.
The main difference of Agilis 400D is that it is equipped with 110 hp diesel engine. It provides more performance and versatility, because of optimum economy of the diesel fuel, a 60-liter fuel tank is enough for many trips without refilling. At the same time, the quiet operation of the engine ensures a comfortable journey with light music.
Consequently, it doesn’t matter you choose the model with petrol or diesel engine, you will get a luxury jet tender made of the highest quality materials and with the most innovative devices. By the way, you can read more about the differences between those engine types in our article. Besides you can learn more about the models and construct your own tender on Agilis 400C, Agilis 400D and Configurator pages respectively.